Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker 2015

Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Modern advancements are marvelous. It was not that long ago that we were heating water by the fire in order for the whole family to share the bath water. Now we are able to place the TaoTronics Bluetooth shower speaker on the wall of our shower and listen to great quality sound coming from the speaker which is in turn being transmitted from the staggering complicated mobile phone that we have left on the side away from the wet in case it gets damaged.

This Portable Wireless Shower Speaker has a suction cup on the back for attaching securely to the wall. Control of the device is simple and is undertaken by using combination of the five buttons on the front of the speaker casing.

Water Resistance

This Bluetooth shower speaker has been given an IPX4 rating. This means that it is not completely waterproof. It probably won’t work if completely submerged in water, or say for instance, dropped in the bath, but it can be safely used in areas where there is water splashing.

This means that for all practical purposes you need to place this Bluetooth shower speaker in a place close to the shower but not somewhere where there will be full contact with the shower stream. We suggest the best place is probably high on the wall to the side of the where the shower head is positioned so that the water flows adjacent to its position.

The IPX rating system applies to other electronic devices too, such as waterproof bluetooth headphones.

Connecting To Bluetooth

Bluetooth Shower Speaker 2In order to connect up your portable wireless shower speaker you simply press and hold the power button down. The device will scan for a local Bluetooth signal and connect when it encounters one. You will hear voice confirmation when it makes a connection.

Hands Free Voice Calling

The Bluetooth shower speaker also has the option of being used as a hands free calling device. Once connected to your phone the device will automatically interrupt your listening should you receive a call. The built in microphone allows you to use the device without any real intervention.

This hands free calling capability makes this portable wireless shower speaker useful for locations other than the shower. You could use the suction cup to attach the device to a car window for instance and use it for hands free calling in the car.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker 3Recharging

This Bluetooth shower speaker has a built in lithium-ion battery that needs to be recharged. Expected use is 6 hours between recharges, but for all practical purposes us  ed during your daily shower it probably should only need charging once a week.

The charger is not the conventional usb charger, reverting to the more traditional power rod that is inserted into a small hole in the side of the speaker casing hidden behind a soft rubber protector.


Waterproof bluetooth devices are all the rage at the moment, with examples ranging from a range of the best waterproof bluetooth headsets through to shower speaker. This Bluetooth shower speaker is affordable and convenient and is probably the best Bluetooth shower speaker on the market today. It is well worth trying it out. Why not head on over to Amazon to buy it?

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