Best Grab Bars For Showers

Although grab bars for showers are frequently found in public environments such as hospitals and restrooms, the reality is that a well-placed grab bar can help prevent serious accidents in the home as well.

We all know that sensation under foot in a shower when you take the first step and realise that the floor is very slippy. With nothing to hold onto and only hard surfaces and sharp edged faucets around the prospect of a serious injury resulting from a fall cannot be underestimated. This is where grab bars for showers come into their own. If you are feeling a little unsteady then being able to reach out and take hold of a properly located and secured grab bar will allow you to recover your poise promptly.

So what are the best grab bars for showers to install?

Grab Bars For Showers Reviews

Moen LR2308W Home Care

There are essentially two types of grab bars for showers. Moen LR2308W Grab Bars For ShowersThe first type is the fixed bar where the bar is secured into place with screws. The second is the grab bar that is attached to the wall using some form of suction cup. The Moen LR2308W Home Care range of grab bars for showers are the most popular type of portable grab bar. This 12 inch grip is attached to tiled surfaces with two very effective suction cups providing a strong and secure attachment for you to use to steady yourself. The grab bar is secured into place and then subsequently released with a lever situated in each suction cup end. It is a well made and attractively designed product and at less than $20 is attractively and affordably priced.

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Safe-er-Grip Bath and Shower Handle

The design of removable grab bars for showers is similar for most products and the Safe-er-Grip Bath and Safe-er-Grip Grab Bars For ShowersShower Handle is very similar to to the Moen LR2308W Home Care grab bar. This grab bar has the suction cups that are engaged by a lever in each end, creating the vacuum which provides the suction required to keep them in place. White, clean looking and well made this is a little larger than the Moen, at 16.5 inches in length and is a little less expensive. But an excellent choice as a grab bar for your shower.

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Safe-er-Grip Mommy Helper Grab Bars For ShowersSafe-er-Grip Mommy’s Helper

Another version of the grab bar for showers is the Mommy’s Helper. This is a little more compact coming in at 11.5 inches and is therefore more suitable for travelling use, which for families with very young kids may be important. It is very affordable and can be purchased in Amazon for around $12. Excellent value for money and a highly rated product.

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All of the grab bars for showers options shown in this article are quality products that can be bought inexpensively on Amazon and are highly rated. However, there are a wide variety of other excellent grab bars for shower available so if you are interested in look at additional options then check out the full range on Amazon by clicking >>HERE<<.

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