Best Shower Caddy 2015

Best Shower Caddy Review

The InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy

This super shower caddy is both practical and nice looking. There are two racks built into the caddy; the bottom rack is ideal for holding loose items such as soap or as can be seen in the image a nail brush. The upper rack has plenty of room both in term of the depth of the tray and it’s width. This upper tray is where the bottles are stored and there is plenty of room to hold at least 4 good sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner or body wash. At the bottom there are a couple of hooks for holding razors and a couple of hooks for holding other items such as soap on a rope or shower sponges that have a rope attached. You could also lay a loofah across the two arms if you needed a convenient storage location for that too.

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Rust Resistant

Obviously you will be using your shower caddy in areas which are frequently wet. If you have a metal caddy, then the last thing you want is rust spots to form on it ruining the look of the caddy but also potentially staining the wall of the shower making it look unclean. The InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy is rust resistant due to a Thermobond rust coating. This has the added attraction of making the shower caddy look almost new even after some time.

Method of Fixing To Your Shower

The InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy is attached to your shower be hooking over the shower head. It is kept in place with a grip which is designed to be non-slip and is used to not only make the fitting of the shower caddy secure, but also to ensure that any side to side motion of the caddy is limited, thus preventing anything accidentally falling off one of the shelves and onto the floor.

The Advantages of the InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy

Affordability. This shower caddy is very much within the reach of most purchasers. The price point is below $25 which makes this a real option for all families.

Design and Attractive Looks. This is an attractive looking shower caddy which would really show off most showers very effectively. You have a number of options of color including bronze, matt black, gold and satin. The picture to the right shows a satin version of this shower caddy.

Storage Capability. The tray areas are clearly designed to be able to hold as many items as you are likely to need when showering. Not only that but you will likely be able to keep the items stored in the caddy preventing them from being kept untidily on the side of your bathroom or perhaps even on the floor of your shower which would represent a trip hazard.


The InterDesign Raphael Shower Caddy is a super practical and attractive shower caddy for your shower. It is well made and will not rust despite spending considerable time in a wet environment. We really believe this is the best shower caddy you can buy in 2015.

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