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If you have sufficient space in your shower then being able to conveniently store all your various soaps and shampoos and other little items is great. Shower caddies are typically the best item to use in order to create this extra storage. It means that the items you use in the shower can stay in the shower and not end up cluttering up the rest of the bathroom. In addition it means that when you need an item it is right there, and not halfway across the room requiring a sopping wet dash there and back in order to get hold of it. If you have a large shower unit or shower area then you might consider a standing shower caddy. These are larger than conventional shower or wall mounted caddy’s and as a result tend to be able to accommodate more items.

OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Shower CaddyOXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy

Our favorite standing shower caddy is the OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy. It is primarily for use in the corner of the shower, as the vast majority of the standing shower caddy range of products are. Essentially the product consists of a single stainless steel column that sits in the corner of your shower unit held in place with to additional extended feet at the base in order to keep it upright and level. The feet are equipped with non-stick feet in order to prevent unnecessary sliding around.

Features of the OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy

There are three trays incorporated within the standing shower caddy. The top tray fits neatly into the corner recess and helps to hold the unit in place with the use of non-slip bumpers which grip the wall.

The remaining trays are adjustable, which means that you can place them at the most convenient height for easy access for all members of your family. The trays are large and have a good capacity for storing a number of items which is especially convenient in larger families where there may be a variety of shampoos, conditioners and washes used. There are also hooks on the front of the deep trays to hang loofahs and razors for convenience.

Advantages of the OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy

The OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy is a high quality standing shower caddy with an attractive stainless steel finish. It will look great in any shower. It is also portable which means that it can be conveniently moved if necessary for cleaning or to transfer to another location. On the subject of cleaning the trays are removable which allows a proper clean to be carried out rather than a fiddly one in situ.

It is also easy to set up and install and versatile in its usability.


When looking for a shower caddy you are really interested in two different aspects. You want your shower caddy to look good, but you also want it to be a practical and convenient storage area for your shower accessories. We believe the OXO Grips Slide and Lock Standing Caddy meets both these criteria. It is also affordable retailing on Amazon at around $90.

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