Introduction to Quartz Infrared Space Heaters

A Hot Item. Literally!

duraflame-infrared-heaterAs they have been for the past few years, quartz infrared heaters are “hot” items (pun intended!) this year. Although these heaters been around for 20+ years, homeowners and renters alike are now finding out that these very affordable heaters cost next to nothing to operate and are easy to install and maintain. As the name implies, these infrared heaters use quartz bulbs. The heaters produce positive ions (extremely beneficial health-wise), provide ceiling-to-floor steady heat. The bulbs themselves cost anywhere from $6-$17 each, and are scary easy to replace. But the even better news is that the quartz bulbs tend to last 3-5 years.

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If run continuously, a 1500-watt unit will cost about $0.18 per hour. Want me to do the math on that or do you want to? A full day on one 1500 unit machine will cost you $4.32. A full month will only cost $133. I’d say that’s remarkably low. Even if you have two units running full time (which will not happen as the units cycle on and off about 45-55% of the time) in February, it’s still only $266 a month. That’s really not a bad deal.

If you own a standard home, you could easily save thousands with one of these machines. Plop one down in the main living area and let the savings add up. Most people program the thermostat to sync up with when they’ll be home and when they’ll be away. It’s just one more way to save. Keeping it at an even temperature seems to be the best approach but you can experiment to see which is best for your needs. Higher end units offer programming for various weekend and weekday schedules.

Safety First!

Probably the most overlooked aspect to quartz infrared heaters is its safety features (especially when you compare them to oil filled radiators). Quartz infrared heaters ratchet up the safety factor by providing a cabinet around the heater to prevent animals and children from accidentally burning themselves. The cabinet is cool to the touch but radiates fabulous heat.

These quarts infrared heaters are modestly priced when you consider the safety and peace of mind. They make really good heaters too! For some detail product reviews on the best infrared heaters check out this article.

Are Infrared Heaters Portable?

If you’re like most conscientious home owners, then you know the importance of maintaining balance in your heating throughout your home, especially as it relates to the Winter. If you live North of the Mason-Dixon or in the Midwest, you know that those Winters can be absolutely brutal. Not only that, but it can be brutal on your wallet or purse.

Enter: the portable quartz infrared heater.

Its predecessor, the “space heater” was anything but efficient. Sure, you could tote it to different parts of your home but it was heavy, clunky and used up quite a bit of electricity, something that translates into coins dropping down a Las Vegas slot machine.

Similarly, the new portable quartz infrared heaters are safe and reliable. You can be near one and almost – almost – not know they are turned on.However, you know know the difference in any room that it is turned on in.

By and large, these heaters are quite a value for the money, and quite frankly, aesthetically they look a lot nicer than space heaters ever did. The only space heater I ever recall owning was one that we put in our garage. It heated that up nicely, but at what cost, I ask?

EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Heater

edenpure-quartz-infrared-heaterThe EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Heating System is a remarkable zone-controlled furnace that safely and efficiently heats small areas in your home. Some would say it’s not thing more than a small electric space heater, but read on, it’s much more than that.

EdenPURE heater has steady and perfectly regulated heating mechanism that will not destroy life that other potentially dangerous heating devices might destroy. Instead, the Eden PURE helps to maintain healthy humidity levels indoors. As such it acts as a stable humidifier.

If you’ve breathed dry uncomfortable air, you obviously have never tried an EdenPURE. That’s okay. You’re not alone but we can help change that. There are other similar products on the market that can perform the same chores as an EdenPURE but they will cost you more in the long run because they are not as efficient and stable as the EdenPURE.

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If you understand even a little the negative aspects of EdenPURE heaters, you’ll appreciate that not all quartz infrared heaters are all alike. We know for a fact (through research) that having an abundance of negative ions in the air is not healthy for us or for our pets and plants. Nor is it healthy to have a large supply of positive ions. The solution? You guessed it, the stable regulated heat from an EdenPURE quartz infrared heater. Therefore, the heat from these EdenPURE infrared heater is clean and safe.

The EdenPURE is a stable, safe, forced air space heater. You cannot go wrong with such a product.