Electric Lawn Raker

There are some great pieces of equipment for making lawns look great. The rotary mower is one and for creating healthy grass the mulching lawn mower is another. GardenEaze have a post showing some great options to combine mulching with mowing. In this post however we are going to look at another option for creating healthy lawns, raking. Raking should be done as often as is necessary, but there is no doubt that it is both time consuming and tiring. For this reason we introduce electric lawn rakers.

Why Electric Lawn Rakers?

Onto the topic at hand. A stunning and lush green lawn is something that many a gardener strives for; not only does it look great and impress the neighbours, it makes a garden a nice relaxing place to be. And yet achieving that pristine putting green lawn can be so difficult.

The secret to achieving your dream lawn lies in the maintenance of its health, and one of many important facets of this is known as scarifying. This refers to the removal of dead grass (or thatch), moss and other debris from the surface of a lawn, allowing air, water and nutrients to access the grass roots and ensure it remains in good health.


Scarifying can be undertaken with a traditional hand rake; however, the more serious gardener (and those with medium to large lawns) will find great benefit in an electric lawn raker. These machines are designed to make the raking of lawns an easy task that doesn’t break the back, whilst also ensuring a consistent and good quality job is carried out.

There are a number of good quality electric lawn rakers on the market today, manufactured by household names such as Flymo and Bosch. They offer numerous useful features such as adjustable cutting heights (for different levels of raking and scarifying), collection boxes and in some cases interchangeable aerator cassettes. As with most garden machinery, there are some excellent budget and mid-range options available, along with a few more higher priced models for the more discerning buyer.

Features of Electric Lawn Rakers

Electric lawn rakers have a variety of different components which will affect their quality in terms of durability and ease of use. Naturally, the more you spend the higher quality machine you will have – but what are the main features to look out for? In brief, some of the most important things to look out for when buying a scarifier are the motor, storage facility, blades and depth adjustment. These product features will be looked at in more detail below.

As the electric motor is the element that drives the whole machine, it is clearly of prime importance. The average motor capacity of an electric lawn raker will range between 600 watts and 1500 watts; beyond this capacity you will be looking at the more expensive petrol alternative. The electric rakers are generally sufficient for domestic use, even with larger gardens (do look out for cable length though!). Clearly, a more powerful electric motor means the machine is more durable and capable; you can choose your raker depending on the size of your garden and the specific needs you have.

Another important feature is the blades, tines or claws which are used. As this component will be collecting the debris and waste, it needs to be sufficiently durable and long lasting. The blades or tines are of varying quality, the more expensive machines boasting hardened steel or stainless steel blades for an effective and long life.

The drum of a lawn raker is the cylindrical component which houses the blades or claws. These are often detachable and can be replaced, depending on the machine in question. The drum is most significant when you purchase an electric lawn scarifier and aerator. These machines come with two interchangeable drums, one for scarifying and one for aerating the lawn.

Finally, the storage capacity of an electric lawn raker can make a big difference in terms of ease of use (depending on the size of your garden). Storage will generally range between 30 – 60 litres, the larger storage units needing to be emptied less frequently. The unit itself can come in the form of either a plastic box or a material bag, both or which are equally capable depending on the user’s preference.

Manufacturers of the Electric Lawn Raker

There are a number of manufacturers of electric lawn rakers, all offering varying levels of quality and features. Some of the manufactures are household names, whereas others are less well known. The main manufactures are Flymo, Bosch, Draper, Black & Decker and Al-Ko. They will be discussed in more detail below.

For the more affordable domestic lawn raker, Flymo and Black & Decker have the greatest offering. People are comfortable purchasing these well known brands as they know that despite the more affordable price tags, they do provide reliable products for day to day use. Both Flymo and Black & Decker offer a competitively priced electric lawn raker at around the £70 mark – if you are looking for simple domestic use on an average sized garden either of these products are a safe bet (both are listed on the where to buy page of this website).

The more mid-range lawn rakers are produced by Draper and Bosch. These rakers are a step above their Flymo / Black & Decker counterparts, offering more powerful components and a range of useful additional features. Coming in at roughly $140 for a mid-range product, these rakers are still affordable and make sense if you are a committed gardener who wants regular use. Draper offer a scarifier and lawn aerator with an $140 price tag which is particularly good value considering its versatility and multifunctional design.

Finally, the premium end of the market is provided for by a lesser known company called Al_Ko. This is a German company who specialise in the production of high quality petrol and electric garden machinery, in particular garden rakers. They offer a range of electric garden rakers which cost between £150 and £300. Needless to say, their products are of an extremely high quality offering more power, durability and control than the cheaper alternatives.

In Summary

With summer on it’s way, now is undoubtedly the time to be investing in an electric lawn raker. There are currently some fantastic deals to be found online, there is something for every budget.

Maintaining a lawn can be a tricky task, and an electric lawn raker will provide you with the helping hand you need to keep it in pristine condition over the coming months..

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